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E-News November Issue 6, Volume 5

2014 Convention
Friday and Saturday - June 6th & 7th. We now have one of our key note speakers! Dr. Jay L. Wile holds an earned Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and a B.S. in chemistry, both from the University of Rochester. He has won several awards for excellence in teaching. Dr. Wile and his wife of more than 25 years, Kathleen, homeschooled their daughter, Dawn, from the time they adopted her until she graduated high school. You can learn more about Dr. Wile here and on his website at He will be doing sessions on Homeschooling through High school, as well as other topics.

If you're a Young Entrepreneur, be sure to sign up for your space at the convention. The entrepreneurs will get to showcase and sell their wares much like the vendors do. The cost for a space will be just $15. Click HERE for an application.

Talent Show participants needed! Come help entertain at the convention. This will be a great place to get up in front of an appreciative audience. Individuals or entire families are welcome.
Please print out an application HERE, then fill in the information and mail to the address included on the form.


Common core and Wyoming homeschools

Common core is a federally-mandated definition of the necessary elements that must be taught by each of the grade levels, to ensure that all students educated in the USA are taught the same things.  It carries many dangers, as it takes the responsibility and power over your child's education even farther from home than it already is.  It is not, however, an immediate danger to homeschoolers in our state.
According to Wyoming state law, homeschoolers must teach a "basic educational program" that includes sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science.  While there is danger that "fundamental instruction" may at some point be reinterpreted to mean 'adheres to the common core', at this point, it is not the case, and any re-interpretation would be strongly opposed by legal organizations such as HSLDA.  The current actions in our state that are being taken to implement the common core standards in the public schools do not affect the laws that pertain to homeschoolers.
The biggest danger to homeschoolers is that the common core is going to cause changes to things like entrance exams at colleges, the SAT, etc.  This would, in turn, mean that anyone who wishes to take [and score well on] tests that are geared for the general public would need to have been taught by the standards of the common core.  While some educational elements will never change, there are some things that will be tested that involve styles that may not have been common in prior years; (think 'new math', etc) and which someone who was not taught via the new common-core textbooks may not have learned.
While the immediate danger to homeschoolers is minimal, and probably will not affect how you teach on a day-to-day level, the possibility of future repercussions is imminent, and should not be ignored.  Any time a government takes freedoms away from its citizens (even if we aren't some of those particular citizens), we should be concerned, and on our guard.  Loss of freedoms (except when necessary to protect individuals from a likely encroachment by others) is rarely a healthy thing, and often does not stop without negatively impacting everyone in some way.


Welcome to our new County Contacts!

Our contacts now include:

Karista in Park County, Molly in Lincoln County, Tammy in Johnson County, and Amber in Hot Springs County. We really appreciate your willingness to serve.

“Thank You” to all our county contacts. You are the eyes, ears, and hands of H.O.W.

If these ladies are in your county, please thank them for volunteering.

We Still Need County Contacts!

Would you like to be a county contact? 

The responsibilities are few: Attending the convention – this is the only mandatory meeting of the whole year. Other than that, you need to be available. That's what a contact is all about. Responding to all calls and emails from HOW and other interested parties. You would also need to promote the convention in your county, by getting it into newsletters and online. That's it! It's not a hard job, but it is necessary.

We really need at least one contact in each county. Right now the following counties are available: Big Horn, Goshen, Natrona, Sheridan, Sublette, and Washakie. Other counties need alternates, so if you are interested and live in another county, please step up!  

If you are concerned about keeping home schooling in Wyoming going strong, please think and pray about becoming a county contact. Please call 307-286-1090 for more information. We need you!


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