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E-News May Issue 3, Volume 5

Saturday, June 1st 8 a.m. at College Heights Church in Casper
This is the only convention where you can get information specific to homeschooling in Wyoming from people who have been doing it for years!
   Come hear informational and encouraging sessions on creation science from Richard Stepanek, and question and answer sessions on topics such as beginning homeschooling and homeschooling through high school. Jeff Hymas will talk on the power in the Constitution. We’ll have a Kid’s Program, a Mom’s talk and a Dad’s talk, and a brand new session on Methods of Homeschooling with each method explained by individuals who actually use/used the method. If you have used a method you'd be willing to represent, please call 286-1090 to volunteer. We are also offering a lunch special, so you don’t have to leave the campus! You can visit with and be encouraged by other homeschoolers as you enjoy your choice of burgers, sandwiches and salad. The Used Curriculum Sale is a great way to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your curriculum dollars. Buy, Sell or Trade!
   This year admission is only $30 for the whole family, and some discounts are available.
For more information please visit
   We are still looking for some volunteers, and those volunteers will get discounted admission! Please join us and bring all your friends. It’s a great way to explain homeschooling to those who are curious!

Our featured speaker for HOW Convention is Rich Stepanek, who hails from Alpha Omega Institute in Grand Junction, CO. To get a flavor of Alpha Omega you may go to their website. They offer curriculum, "Children's Corner" with newsletters and activities, family camps, tours, and adventures. We look forward to the informative lectures. If you would like to visit Rich's blog you may check it out here. 

The words of the Constitution come alive as Jeff Hymas presents, "Power in the Constitution." He has traveled the state of Wyoming in his quest to teach children and adults about the Constitution and its importance. Come explore the 5 clauses of the Constitution most often misinterpreted and abused in our time.

In preparing for convention, you will be inspired by God’s creation in this clip called, "Louis Giglio Mashup of Stars and Whales Singing God’s Praise."

Is freedom ringing from the mountainsides of Wyoming? Or is that the sound of tyranny you hear after Senate File 104 passed in Cheyenne? This bill stripped most duties (95%), money, and staff, from the elected office of Superintendent of Public Instruction turning these over to an appointee of the governor.
   Our WY Constitution grants THE PEOPLE the right to elect the one who provides general supervision of our schools. We may decide to turn this over through a valid Constitutional Amendment. Now, that right has been taken. Our Constitution says we are a free people when the people are in charge. We are no longer free on this issue.
   This is a danger to homeschoolers who are also at risk for losing their freedoms. This bill passed in a mere 19 days without much of the public knowing. What will be passed directly affecting us next year? Additionally, home educators’ interactions with the public schools have been under the office of the superintendent. This has transferred to the appointed director.
   What can you do? There is a petition for registered voters to sign to put repeal of SF 104 on the ballot. Go to for locations and contact people. Get the word out to your circle of family and friends. The deadline for 37,606 signatures is May 28th.



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